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Travel with us to the enchanting, lush rainforest located deep within the beautiful Valley of the Rainbows. Here, nestled below towering jungle trees and surrounded by seven waterfalls, one of the world's premier Botanical gardens, Lyon Arboretum awaits you. Oahu Nature Tours provides exclusive, small group, guided tours to this exotic rainforest paradise.

The Lyon Arboretum World-Class Botanical Gardens
Over 5,000 species of plants bathe in the fragrant mists produced by over 185 inches of rainfall every year. As we explore the 200-acre garden, Lyon Arboretum, colorful blossoms including bromeliads, hibiscus and orchids surround you while tropical birds sing nearby. Your nature guide will provide information about the garden's interesting history and efforts to save some of the rarest plants in the world.

After departing Lyon Arboretum we visit the picturesque Chinese Great Ancestors Mound perched high on a grass covered hill below Puu Pia. Traveling through the historic valley you will learn about the fascinating local history and mythology.The ancient, cloud-swept, emerald green hills have witnessed a steady procession of uses on the valley floor, from Hawaiian taro farms, to cattle ranches, coffee plantations and Japanese rice paddies.

We then visit Pu`u `Uala-ka`a located 1,048 feet above Waikiki. From this lofty vantage point you have a breathtaking 180 degree panoramic view of Oahu's scenic southeast coastline and sometimes a glistening double rainbow arching across the Valley of the Rainbows far below.

Valley of the Rainbows Adventure Details
Length: 4 hours, 2 hours of walking
Rated: Easy
Time: 1:00pm-5:00pm
Days of Operation: Tue, Thu & Sat
Children: 6 & older pay same price as adults

Valley of the Rainbows

Valley of the Rainbows - (Adult/Child)
Transportation Included

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**Children Pay Same Price as Adults**

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