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Quality & Selection hawaiiadventuredeals.com gives you instant access to the largest selection of Hawaii’s best tours, attractions, and activities. We carefully screen our tour operators and activities, offering you only the very best in quality and reliability. We also place competitors side by side, giving you an unbiased forum in which to base important activity decisions.

Pricing Guarantee We guarantee competitive prices by offering you the same low prices our tour operators offer here in Hawaii. We present all information and prices direct from Hawaii tour operators, and provide a convenient one-stop-shop to compare tours, get suggestions, and plan your Hawaiian vacation itinerary with ease. No hassles, no gimmicks, no time-share presentations.

Superior Customer Service Our commitment to customer service is unsurpassed. We take care of everything, including free ticket delivery along with providing important directions and maps. We even give you an “Aloha Call” the day before each scheduled activity, allowing you to relax worry free. Our friendly Activity Agents are extremely knowledgeable and provide valuable advice and suggestions to help create your ideal vacation itinerary. 

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