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Hawaii consists of 6 islands spread closely in the Pacific Ocean. If you are planning on visiting Hawaii it’s a good idea to gather some basic knowledge of the 6 primary islands for your activities in Hawaii. Although each island may be referred to and called Hawaii each island has its own unique name and each island has its own special appeal and uniqueness. Let’s explore the Hawaiian Islands starting from the western most part and moving east.


This is the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands and offers the most dramatic natural beauty of the islands. Kauai is an ideal place for a romantic escape or outdoor adventure. It is one of the wettest of the islands receiving on an average of 485 inches of rain per year.  But even amidst the rain there is so much to enjoy about this island and so many things to do. Coconut Coast, Waimea Canyon Napali cost and the Wailua River which is the only river in Hawaii are some of the most popular spots and the famous beach park Paipu which is rated as one of the best beaches in the world.


Oahu is the state’s capital and is the most modernized of all the islands. There are about 370,000 people living here who are home to more than 75% of the state’s population.  It’s a natural and cultural wonder with huge surfs on the north shore and the famous Waikiki beach also the museums and Pearl Harbor.


Which is home to the majority of the native population, its small island that you could drive from one side to the other in only a few hours. The love of the outdoors is evident here in its historic towns and beaches especially Papoku Beach which is the largest white sand beach in Hawaii.


Lanai is a island for privacy with only 5,000 residents, there aren’t any traffic lights or fast food restaurants here making it the ideal place for a island getaway. Some popular attractions here are the garden of the gods, Hulopoe Bay and Lanai City.


Some of the beast beaches in the world are located on Maui. Maui is the second largest of the islands also the second most visited. The island portrays the traditional spirit and Hawaiian culture here. Besides the some of the best beaches also located here are some of the best golf courses and whale watching spots. Maui also has the highest sea cliff in the world; Kahiwa Falls is a favorite tourist spot and comes with a beautiful view of downtown Hana and Makena Beach state park.

The Big Island

As residents call it the big island is larger than all the islands combined. Strangely the island has 11 climate zones from sandy beaches to snow capped mountains. The west side being dry and the east side being wet. Waterfalls, rainforests and botanical gardens and an active volcano. One of the hot spots is Kona which is famous for its coffee plantations. The big island has plenty off environments and events and festivals throughout the year.

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